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Racial Equality

A JOINT STATEMENT from the Church City Leaders in Chichester
As Christians we believe that all humanity is made in God’s image and that all people are of equal worth and value. We recognise that racism is an evil which is systemic in our society and that, when we ignore or deny it, we are ourselves complicit in the violation of human dignity. We are committed to immediate action to challenge racism in all its forms and to work for racial equality and justice in our churches and in the wider society.
Ellen Wild (Chichester Baptist Church)
Stephen Waine (Chichester Cathedral)
Maria Martin (Chichester Quakers)
Derek Wales (Christ Church)
David Thompson (Grace Church)
Paul Collins (Immanuel Church)
Dan Slatter (Revelation Family Church)
Mark Payne (St Pancras Church)
Simon Holland (St Paul’s Church)
Rachel Hawes (St Peter’s Church)
Tom Treherne (St Richard of Chichester Church)
Trevor James (Swanfield Chapel)
Alison Green (University of Chichester Chaplaincy)

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